Astigmatism - Blurred Vision Corrected

Astigmatism is an optical impairment where because of a misshapen cornea sight becomes blurred because light is not able to hit the retina properly. Just about everyone has this affliction but at varying degrees. Most times there is no need to correct to problem because it is not readily detected in every day sight. Therefore, most people wouldn't even know they had it. However, in cases where there is more than mild problem it can be corrected with the right lens either in a pair of glasses or contact lenses. Contact lens correction depends of the veracity of the problem. In some cases contact lenses won't be able to make the correction.

Astigmatism is not a serious problem with major detriments it is more of a nagging inconvenience to those afflicted with it. However, those who have corrective lenses never really feel the effects of the problem. The only time it may be apparent is when someone choose to wear contact lenses even though they don't address the problem. In these cases there may be a little blurring in one eye when focusing. Depending on the severity this can go from mild annoyance to a real pain, most people opt not to wear the contacts when that occurs.

Astigmatism occurs mainly in people with what is called refractive errors. That is a fancy phrase for people who are either afflicted with near sightedness or far sightedness. This folks feel the effects of the problem more acutely because it has to do with distance focusing. The cause of the problem is unknown and is sometimes just attributed to genetics. It appears at birth and can lessen or worsen as the years pass and the body grows. An eye injury can also cause astigmatism when there is trauma to the cornea.

Even though there is no real cure for astigmatism except for laser surgery, correcting it is fairly easy. As technology becomes more advanced, contact lenses are becoming capable or correcting more severe case and soon just about every level will be able to be corrected. A simple eye exam can tell you if you have this problem and at what level. Then you can pick out a stylish pair of frames to display your corrective lenses in. Or, you can start wearing the appropriate contact lenses. Whatever the case this is not a serious problem and can be corrected rather easily.

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