Computer Glasses - Protect your Eyes

These days just about everyone spends some time at a computer on a daily basis. And if you are one of these people, you need to consider computer glasses. These specialized glasses are for people with and without sight impairment. Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can be stressful for your eyes even if you do not have any vision problems. The most common form of computer vision syndrome or CVS is blurred vision after certain period. This blurred vision is caused by the demand on your eyes to adjust to all sorts of visual stimuli quickly and often.

There is a lot happening on your computer screen at any given time and computer glasses will help you take it all in without causing damage, or discomfort to your eyes. Nothing is more aggravating than not being able to focus on what you are doing onscreen and with the proper glasses you can stay on point. People may think that this type of glasses is probably just for older folks but that isn't true at all. Blurred vision, eye fatigue and other types of eye problems can happen to anyone of any age that works at a computer, or plays games on the computer for that matter.

Now of course, computer glasses are mainly for protection but there is a style element involved as well. Just because you work at a computer doesn't mean you are a geek, so why look like one? You have a splendid array of choices for computer glasses that includes a plethora of different styles, shapes and colors. You don't have to look like a dweeb just because you spend time at your PC. You can express your personality and look sharp all while protecting your eyes from the harmful effect prolonged use of the computer can have.

Don't think that just because you wear regular glasses that you don't need computer glasses. Regular glasses are not designed specifically for computer use so even if you already wear glasses you still need to have another pair for computer use. But, you can have the same style if you like. All the same frames that are available for your regular glasses can accommodate computer lenses as well. People won't even notice there is a difference unless you like to switch it up a bit with different frames for different uses as well.

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Follow this easy steps to order your new glasses:

  1. If your current prescription is over 2 years old, get a new one from your local optometrist (it's a free service for you, if you have Australian Medicare
  2. Choose the online glasses you like from our store
  3. Fill in a simple form to let us know your prescription or you can either fax it or e-mail it to us
  4. Pay for your order using credit card, we accept
  5. Your new glasses will arrive via Australia Express Post

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