Eyeglasses Prescription - Make Sure it's Right

Do you know how many people are running around with the wrong eyeglasses prescription? Far too many that's how many. There are a lot of different reasons for neglecting changing prescriptions on eyeglasses. Some people don't even realize that they have had a change in prescription until they get to the eye doctor. But, even small changes in eye degradation can be a problem. It's never as good idea to neglect your eyes and your prescription in particular. Not being able to see optimally can being on a host of problems both in terms of physical accidents and medical issues.

Some people are just too lazy to make the appointment with their eye doctors and their eyeglasses prescription just gets worse and worse as time goes by. No matter what age you are you should have regular eye exams because a change in prescription can be a small matter or a very serious one. If your prescription changes a lot in a small period of time you could have some kind of problem that if left untreated to lead to serious eye problems including blindness. Some people are just afraid to find out that their eyes are degenerating. They don't want to think about having to get a new pair of glasses for fear that the lenses will be huge.

Fortunately, no one has to worry about eyeglasses prescriptions being gigantic anymore. Technology and the ability to shrink large prescriptions into smaller compound of plastic has made the Coke bottle glasses of the past a memory. Today's prescription eyeglasses are chic, lightweight and look terrific. In fact, glasses have become a way of making a fashion statement while enabling you to see correctly. So, neglecting your prescription should no longer be an issue. Your eyes are important and nowadays a change in prescription is no big deal glasses wise. But, it could be a big deal health wise.

Having the right eyeglasses prescription can also take care of a lot of other nagging little problems you may not even realize are because your prescription is wrong. Occasional blurred visions or fatigue can be the result of having the wrong prescription. When your eyes have to work harder to adjust and compensate for the wrong strength lens you can run into all kinds of problems. That kind of stress is no good for your overall vision health. Get the right prescription.

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Follow these easy steps to order your new glasses:

  1. If your current prescription is over 2 years old, get a new one from your local optometrist (It may be free if you have Australian Medicare).
  2. Choose the online glasses you like from our store
  3. Fill in a simple form to let us know your prescription or you can either fax it or e-mail it to us
  4. Pay for your order using credit card, we accept
  5. Your new glasses will arrive via Australia Express Post

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