Glasses Prescription Numbers - Learning How to Read It

Reading glasses prescription can be overwhelming due to the fact that it can be full of abbreviations and at times not legible. Also, it may contain Glasses prescription numbers that may be impossible for you to understand if you have little knowledge about medical abbreviations and terminologies. With this, the notations may appear like a language that is unknown to you so you never bother at all. However, it is advised that you try to decipher Glasses prescription numbers so that you will also have an idea about what the doctor is prescribing to you.

Reading Glasses Prescription - It is Important

Some people can go away with a pair of eye glasses without knowing the meaning of the Glasses prescription numbers. Yet, it will be best to know about these prescriptions before you hand it to the optician who will make your eye glasses so you will have ample knowledge about the status of your vision. Glasses prescription numbers are not that difficult to interpret as you may think. Hence, if a doctor tells you that you need to wear eye glasses and hand you a prescription, it is highly advised that you ask your doctor how to read the prescription for best understanding of your condition.

Understanding the Latin Abbreviations

Basically, Glasses prescription numbers come in pairs. One is under the Latin abbreviation OD and the other one under OS. What do these terms mean? OD refers to "oculus dexter" which simply mens the right eye while OS stands for ""oculus sinister" meaning, the left eye. There are also instances where your Glasses prescription numbers will contain the abbreviation OU which refers to both of your eyes. Now that you have a clear idea of the meanings of these abbreviations you will find it easier to read glasses prescription.

Understanding the Numbers

Glasses prescription numbers are typically used to describe vision status. For example, you encounter OD -1.00 you can interpret this as nearsightedness in the right eye. Essentially, the numbers may come in positive and negative signs. The (-) sign simply refers to nearsightedness while the (+) sign corresponds to farsightedness. Knowing these basics can help you a lot in interpreting glasses prescriptions. Glasses prescription numbers are very crucial to the final result of the status of your vision. Knowing how to read it can give you an adequate idea about the condition of your vision. Thus, taking time to learn how to decipher the meanings of your glasses prescription can be of great aid.

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