Online Spectacles - Save Time & Money

When you buy glasses in the internet you can expect online spectacles to be a lot cheaper in price than in a traditional retail store. Buying online is a great alternative to the traditional methods of purchasing prescription spectacles. You also save a lot of time because you are not beholden to the hours of specs stores or have to worry about getting to them. Running around for glasses can be chaotic and a real pain in the neck. Shopping online takes that component of spec purchasing out of the picture.

Online spectacles resellers provide the convenience of being able to shop at your leisure from your home or office. Access is twenty four hours seven days a week so you can be in control of when you go shopping for your new specs. If you want to go shopping at midnight in only your pajamas, go right ahead, it is all up to you. And, you can take your time while you are shipping with no one there to bother you the virtual store is all yours. You can review all the hundreds of different combinations of frames and lens right there on your computer screen. No need to rush so you can make an informed decision.

Online spectacles purchases are a good value too. You already know about all the savings involved by purchasing online, but do you also know what comes with each pair of specs? Every pair of prescription specs that you buy comes with features like, total UV protection, anti scratch coat, thin lens, edge polishing, a hard case and a cleaner cloth. And, just to make sure you stay happy with your online spectacle purchase, there is a guarantee as well. Therefore there is no reason not to buy your glasses online.

When you purchase spectacles online you alleviate all the hassle that goes into buying new specs and in fact can find the whole experience to be fun. Picking out new specs should be fun. They are not just important for seeing but they are also important for being seen. What you wear on your face is a reflection of your personality. The right pair of specs can say so many things about you. Nobody has to know you didn't pay a mint for them either. Let them think what they will about where your stylish new specs came from. Enjoy your specs.

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Follow this easy steps to order your new glasses:

  1. If your current prescription is over 2 years old, get a new one from your local optometrist (it's a free service for you, if you have Australian Medicare
  2. Choose the online glasses you like from our store
  3. Fill in a simple form to let us know your prescription or you can either fax it or e-mail it to us
  4. Pay for your order using credit card, we accept
  5. Your new glasses will arrive via Australia Express Post

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