Progressive Glasses - The Advantages They Offer

As we continue to get older, some of our health needs change. Luckily, we are a society of progression, especially in the medical field. Bifocals and trifocals, commonly known as reading glasses, have taken great strides in their fields from the days of our parents. The newest technology to be adopted and commonly introduced is that of the progressive glasses. One of the biggest and most advantageous benefits in this area has been the invention of progressive glasses. As the newest players in the market for bifocals and trifocals but taking it one step further, progressive lenses offer a true multi focal lens. The lens is seamless and offers their wearer an absolutely perfect transition of many different powers. This makes it easy to transition from a power necessary for viewing things far away such as across the yard, to an intermediate power for working on your computer, then looking down to focus on your favorite newspaper or book.

Also, due to their ability to seamless transitionally between the magnification powers, this eliminates a common problem with traditional bifocals and trifocals called image jump. In more traditional pairs of glasses, the lens had to be constructed of different powered lenses. This also accounts for the horizontal line running across the lens face that many commonly associate with these types. That line represents a very distinct separation of magnification power and, thus, a very distinct jump in the image that you are viewing through your glasses. By eliminating this distinct jump point in magnification and making it smooth and seamless between the different powers, it will allow you to more comfortably transition from an object that's close to something far and back again while reducing eye fatigue and strain. Also, with as many as 20 different focal distances offered by progressive glasses, they allow for you to see more naturally without requiring any excessive head movement. To compare, a trifocal has three distinct focal distances.

Overall, progressive glasses are a complicated piece of technology. From a technical standpoint, they are a very impressive milestone that we are able to create something that is capable of offering so many different things out of a single glass lens. But a working technical understanding is not required to understand the benefits they will offer you as a wearer. If you are in the market for a new set of bifocals or trifocals, talk to your eye doctor if progressive glasses are right for you.

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