Titanium Glasses - A Great Option to Consider

There are almost countless options available today when it comes to choosing the correct type of eyeglass frames that suit your personal fashion and lifestyle needs. One of the trends that are gaining a lasting reputation is frames made of titanium alloy. Although usually priced a bit higher than typical eyeglasses, most people find the benefits of titanium glasses far outweigh and offset the added cost.

Most people correlate titanium glasses with glasses that are lightweight, durable, and malleable. Due to the specific nature of titanium as an element, it cannot be used as a pure source for the metal in the frames. Instead, an alloy is created consisting of about 75% titanium. This allows the frames to maintain most of the properties of elemental titanium like its strength and bendability. Also, being such a lightweight material, titanium glasses feel like you don't have any glasses on at all! The amount of comfort you experience is almost unprecedented. Pound for pound, titanium offers about the same strength as steel with half the weight. It's slightly heavier than aluminum but it's twice as strong when compared to that metal as well.

Outside of these features, titanium also has other attributes that many people find desirable. A lot of eyeglass wearers are allergic to materials commonly used in the manufacture of frames such as nickel, plastics, stainless steel, and others. Titanium glasses offer a hypo allergenic solution for people with these concerns to take into consideration. Also, it is corrosion resistant freeing up concern for rust and they are heat resistant as well. Due to its low mass, it becomes a standout for individuals that are burdened with heavy prescriptions as well as those seeking the more fashion forward thick framed look. Due to its strength, it becomes an obvious solution when trying to create eyewear that uses thin or wire frames that will still stand up to daily wear and tear. It is also fairly simple to color, lending itself again to the more fashion forward customer.

Titanium brings an almost unmatched adaptability and convenience to the world of eyewear. Titanium glasses are making a strong appearance and they are here to stay. It offers some benefit to everyone, whether it's its low weight, strength, durability, or corrosion resistance. From incredibly thick framed temples and rims to those seeking a minimalist approach in a pair of rimless glasses, titanium seems like a solution for everyone. The required maintenance for titanium frames is so low it's almost negligible. There's surely something for everyone when it comes to titanium eyewear.

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