Bifocal Glasses

bifocal glasses

Discount bifocal glasses are now available online. If your eye vision requires two different powers in your lens for far and for near distance you will probably consider buying bifocal glasses. Bifocal glasses usually have a visible line close to the middle of the lens separating the two powers. For your far vision you will use the top part of your eyeglasses and for near (usually for reading) vision you will use the bottom part.

In our store we have a big range of glasses frames suitable for bifocal prescription and almost every frame in our selection comes in various colours. You can also select permanent tinting with a colour and tint darkness level of your choice, so you can customize your glasses style.

If you are a member of a private health fund in Australia or NZ you can even claim your money back if you buy your glasses from us. However, please double check with your fund, prior to the purchase, if they will accept a claim for prescription glasses from this particular store. Not all private health insurances accept claims from online stores.

Our bifocal glasses are the most competitive on the market. We encourage you to compare prices yourself with any other store who sells them.

When you order your bifocal glasses online, select the suitable frame that you like first; Fill in your prescription details; Select colour and other available options; And make a payment via secure PayPal site. We are very concerned about the quality of our bifocal glasses and we always test the end product for quality before we send it to you; And if we are not happy about something we will make sure the glasses get remanufactured or you will get a complete refund.

We also have a 30 Money Back Guarantee Policy. This means that during 30 calendar days after receiving your new glasses, if you do not like them for any reason, you can send them back to us and get the full refund (excludes the cost of postage).

Follow these easy steps to order your new glasses:

  1. If your current prescription is over 2 years old, get a new one from your local optometrist (It may be free if you have Australian Medicare).
  2. Choose the Bifocal glasses you like from our store
  3. Fill in a simple form to let us know your prescription or you can either fax it or e-mail it to us
  4. Pay for your order using credit card, we accept
  5. Your new glasses will arrive via Australia Express Post

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