Prescription Glasses Online – Do Not Fall For “Designer”

Buying prescription glasses online  has become such a rage nowadays, that anybody and everybody with a decent amount of knowledge and financial back up wants to experiment with the new concept of purchasing. Among these buyers are many a ladies, wanting to add the spectacles to their never ending collection of outfits or shoes.

But many have ignored the fact that, while they have umpteen numbers of bags or other designer articles, the most important thing framing the elegance of their face is highly ignored. Spectacles! Of course! Why not have choices there too? With internet and ever growing customer friendly websites for shopping, it has never been so easy buying prescription glasses online.

Take out your prescription, jot down all the numbers on it, measure the length of your temple or bridge in case that’s not there on the paper and voila!  You are ready to make a purchase of your spectacles online. The first thing that one can do is just browse generally and see the ocean of choices out there. You need to choose a frame that suits your personality, fits well on your face and will go well with your face cut.

When deciding on the frame see whether you would prefer a stylish plastic frame, a flexible wire one, a titanium frame or one made of gunmetal. It normally depends on the kind of use you intend to put it to. Plastic breaks easily, metal bends and titanium is comparatively tougher.

When buying these glasses make sure that you do not fall for “designer glasses”.  If you have a budget that you need to consider, forget about these designer glasses as you would be paying extra only for the licensing fee, not better quality. If you are looking for better selection and service, then definitely buying in an independent shop or at an optician’s clinic would be better. But you also need to realize that you are actually paying more for the service than anything else.

Once you have made your choice, you need to place your order. At the order form, enter your prescription number, the form may have a table format similar to your prescription, or it may be just a simple list. Select what kind of coatings or add-ons you require. Depending on your usage of the spectacles, make your choice. After placing the order for you spectacles online, you can expect their delivery after 2-3 weeks.

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