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What do I need to place an order with you?

All you need to provide is an up to date (i.e. within the last two years) prescription. If you do not have one, please get your eyes tested by an optometrist and obtain a copy of your prescription. By law, the optometrist must provide you with a copy of prescription on your request. Please also check if your prescription has a PD Distance on it. This is an important measurement that we will need.

Alternatively, you may use your previous prescription as long as it is no more than two years old. It is up to you where you decide to buy your glasses, and optometrists should not imply to buy from their store.

Why are the prices so low?

Our costs are lower simply because we do not support as much overhead as the physical optical stores do. We also buy frames in bulk from our suppliers (in large quantities), which also turns into great savings.
In addition, we do not provide eye care advice or eye testing facilities, we just make your glasses to the prescription you provide.

All of the prices listed on glasses page include Polycarbonate Single Vision lenses made to your prescription. We only charge extra for Bi-focal lenses, Progressive lenses, S/V Photochromic (transitional) lenses, Progressive + Photochromic (Transitional) and polarised lenses. If you want to know more about different lens types Click here...

All of our outgoing prescription glasses are thoroughly checked prior to shipping by our quality control staff to ensure that they have been made to the required prescription and that you are supplied with a high quality finished article.

Thin and Light 1.57 index lens. All of our Single Vison,Bi-Focal and Progressive Bi-focal lenses are of premium quality high index Polycarbonate composite polymer high impact resistance lenses with full UV protection and a special strong anti-scratch coating.

An anti-scratch coating is applied by dipping the lenses into a silicone-based solvent. As the anti-scratch coating cures, there is no tinting or colouring left behind to impair the optics of the lenses. The coating does not interfere with how the lens functions, but creates a permanent bond that greatly reduces the occurrence of happenstance hairline scratches. Though an anti-scratch coating is not 100% scratch proof, it helps to prevent minor scratches that can damage the surface of the lens. All our prescription glasses come with a FREE Anti Scratch Coating.

All our prescription glasses come with a FREE Ultraviolet Protection. Without it, the harmful rays of the sun can damage your eyes. Our glasses block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays.

Edge Polish – gives your lenses a thinner lighter look. Edge polishing removes the "frosted" look from the lens edges, creating the appearance of thinner lenses. Edge polishing is highly recommended for rimless and semi-rimless frame styles. All our prescription glasses come with a FREE Edge Polish.

All our prescription glasses come with a FREE quality hard case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

Example of Spectacle Prescription

Anti Reflective (AR) coating improves both the vision and the appearance of your glasses. It is layered metal oxide coatings applied to both sides of the lens that greatly reduces both the internal and external reflections of the lens surface while allowing more light through.

Arcoating, Anti Reflection Coating Example

Internal reflections appear as rings that can make lenses look thicker, while external reflections mask the eyes from others looking at you. Conversely the AR coating will make the lenses appear thinner, while the greatly reduced reflections will make the eyes look natural and allow the lenses to almost disappear. AR coatings are especially effective by considerably reducing the annoying glare, reflections and halos around lights making it much more comfortable and safer for driving at night and/or avoiding camera flash reflections on phtographs.

Glasses Tint, Glasses Tinting Color Chart

An 80% tint is a dark sunglass tint for bright outdoor conditions. We recommend the 80% Gray tint for most sunglass applications.

The 50% tint is a medium-light sunglass tint that is not too dark to make it unusable indoors, while giving some medium/light sunshade protection outdoors. And a 10% tint is a very light cosmetic /fashion tint barely noticeable to the wearer, but giving a slight hint of colour to people looking at you.

All of our eyeglass lenses, tinted or clear, have full 100% UV protection built in to protect your eyes from harmful sunrays. Since the brightness and tint density displayed can vary on each monitor for the identical image ,even on those hooked up to the same computer, the colour examples displayed above may not be an exact match to the tint you will receive. Nevertheless, the colour chart above should give you a good indication of how they will look.

OD (Oculus Dexter) means right eye, OS (Oculus Sinister) means left eye. The Spherical correction is for near (-) or far (+) sightedness and PL here means Zero, The Cylinder and Axis is for astigmatism, Meaning that the eyeball is not exactly Spherical, but slightly oblong, or football shaped.

The Cylinder is the extent of the oblongeness while the axis is an angle, from 1 to 180 degrees and is the direction of the oblongeness. If the optometrist wrote Sph in the Cylinder space here it means Zero, that is the eyeball is spherical and has no oblongeness. and consequently no Axis. The Add part is mostly for the over 40 group and is for bifocal reading/near correction.

The extra strength charge of $14.95 applies to unusually strong prescriptions. Extra strength means the prescription is greater than Spherical -8.00 , or +6.00, and/or Cylindrical greater than -2.00, or +2.00.

When Any of the Spherical or Cylindrical values on your single vision eyeglass order has an X next to it, meaning Extra Strength, the glasses have to go to a custom lab for special processing, which costs $14.95 extra and can take about five days longer to deliver. We apologise for any inconvenience in advance.

The PD or Pupillary Distance is the distance between your two eyes , the centre of one pupil to the centre of another, in Millimetres.(1inch= 25.4mm). Unfortunately some optometrists leave this important measurement out of your prescription. However, they should provide it to you if you ask.

You can measure your PD yourself while looking at a mirror, although this would not be a very accurate measurement and is not generally recommended option. Alternatively, you can have someone to measure it for you by holding a ruler just under the pupils of your eyes and measuring the distance centre to centre. You should be looking straight forward fixing your focus at a distant object, and not at the person measuring you. An average PD distance is about 62mm, and most (97%) cases fall within 54mm to 74mm range. If you are coming up with a number outside of this range consider that you might be making a measurement mistake. Do NOT just guess, or assume that you're just an average 62mm PD,and DO NOT measure your current pair of glasses to try and come with a number.

Sometimes a prescription has two numbers, written such as PD 65/62, usually written on a bi-focal prescriptions. This means that 65 is your distance vision PD, and the one to be entered on our forms. And 62 is the reading or near vision PD, the one to be used only if you are ordering plain reading glasses only.

Occasionally, a PD can be written as for example 32/34.5, which are the measurements from the center of the nose to either eye, and your PD is the sum of the two, 32+34.5=66.5. You would simply enter this in a PD field as 66 or 67, when you are ordering your glasses online, the .5 decimal point is not critical. If you are off by a millimeter or two it really does not matter, but try to be as accurate as you can, especially for progressive lens prescription glasses. ALternatively, you should be able to get your PD from your previous prescription/glasses supplier. This figure does not change with age. Remember, your prescription is your property and, by law, your optometrist/optical dispenser must provide it to you on your request.

High Index Lens Recommendation
1.57 Mid IndexRecommended for prescriptions SPH (0.00 to -4.00 D)
1.61 High IndexRecommended for prescriptions SPH (-3.00 to -6.00 D)
1.67 High IndexRecommended for prescriptions SPH (-4.00 to -8.00 D)
1.74 High IndexRecommended for prescriptions SPH (over -6.00 D)

Single Vision (S/V) is the standard eyeglass prescription having Spherical, Cylindrical and Axis values for Distance and astigmatism correction. Reading glasses would also fall into this category.

Bi-Focal lenses have that light line just below the centreline of the lens that separates the distance (upper) part from the reading (lower) part of the lens. Bi-Focal lenses should have an absolute minimum of 30mm height, but we recommend a 32mm or greater lens height to make them comfortable.

Progressive, i.e. No-Line Bi-Focal, lenses need to have an absolute minimum of 32mm height, but again we recommend at least 34mm or higher lens for a more comfortable viewing area. Progressive glasses are the most sensitive to a correct PD so be sure to take an especially accurate PD measurement for this type of order, off here by ±1.5mm is still OK.

Photochromic lenses turn dark outside in the sunlight to become sunglasses. Our Photochromic polymer lenses turn to about 57% density, somewhat lighter that regular sunglasses and they take a minute or two to make the transition. For dark, 80% prescription sunglasses you might consider one of our magnetic sunlens snap-on models, or a dark sunglass tint on one of your regular prescription eyeglasses for + $14.95, either way a far cheaper and often a better solution than a photochromic lens.

Polarized lenses, unlike normal tinted sunglass lenses, eliminate the glare reflected from surfaces such as roads, water, snow and even the car bonnet. By reducing this wavelength of light, vision clarity and contrast is much improved when outdoors. This means more comfort and less fatigue on our eyes, especially when you're in the sun or driving for extended periods. No more squinting! Polarized lenses are available on most of our lens types, single vision, bifocal and progressives, in 80% colour density, 99.9% reflected glare reduction and 100% UV protection. Single vision and progressive are available in Grey or Amber and bifocals in Grey only.

What do the frame measurements mean?

The easiest way to get the right frame size is to get the dimensions from a comfortable pair of glasses you already have. On one of the legs you will usually find (with the aid of a magnifying glass) three measurements, the first two separated by a rectangle:

The Lens Diameter is a matter of choice, but the other two determine the fit. They do not need to be exact, but the closer they are to your existing pair, the more likely your new glasses are to be a comfortable fit.

We accept all major credit cards through We believe it is the most secure way to transfer the money online using your credit card or your PayPal account if you've got one.
We also accept direct deposit into our bank account, just click on Direct Deposit tab during the ordering process.

Can I Claim My Health Fund after Buying Glasses from Your Store?

Yes you can. We are registered with the following Australian health funds:


All the information that you will need to provide for the claim will be supplied in the sales receipt from our store.

Please call or email us if you have any questions.

We are working hard on registering with all the other major Australian health funds in the nearest future. Please check our website for updates or simply give us a call...

Postage by Australian Experss Post and handling cost is $10.95 Australia wide. For deliveries outside Australia contact us first please.

Our normal waiting time frame falls within 14 days. However, if your prescription is complicated it may take longer to manufacture your glasses. The most you can expect to wait is 28 days.

If you are buying glasses elsewhere check if they have 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee* like we do.


We take great pride in delivering a quality product at very affordable prices. Every prescription order is meticulously checked by certified technicians for prescription accuracy and optical clarity before shipment.

We do ask you to be extra careful when filling out your order and prescription fields online, since every order is unique. However, since we value your satisfaction above all, if you are unsatisfied with your prescription glasses for any reason (E.G. the way they sit on your face or the clarity of your vision) just return them with the order copy/invoice and their case within four weeks and we will provide free exchange on another frame or refund 50% of the cost of the glasses.**
*The 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee does NOT cover any damages done to the glasses from the moment they have been received by the buyer. Glasses frames are considered a fragile product and any accident which causes damage to the glasses will have to be fixed at buyers expense. ** We do not reimburse $ for shipping and handling or hold responsibility for the glasses while they travel. Please post your returns via secure post options such as Express Post or Registered Post which offer a tracking number.

Return Policy

All returns MUST meet following conditions:

  1. Return must be made within 30 day period since order arrival to customer.
  2. Glasses must be returned in original condition. Broken glasses will not be accepted.
  3. Original sales invoice must be returned with the glasses, so we know that you did not receive any health fund claims.
  4. Short explanation why glasses are being returned.
  5. Refund will be processed to same account that you used to make a payment.
  6. We will not take any responsibility for lost parcels so please use registered/express post with a tracking number for proof of delivery.
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